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What is Custom Orthotics

Custom insoles and orthotics have been widely used to treat foot, ankle and lower leg problems and injuries. If you are injured or recovering from an injury custom insoles can help with: plantar fasciitis, achilles-tendon pain, knee pain and runners knee, hip and lower back pain, ilio tibial band ITB tightness, shin splints, bunions, numb toes and neuromas, as well as many more foot and body alignment issues.


Our chiropodist / chiropractics at Azsure have experience treating a wide variety of conditions. Benefits of the treatment include :

   Optimum comfort and support for your feet and body in total
   Acts as a shock absorber which alleviates the pain of the weight bearing joints especially knee (X7)
  Align your body and feet
   Improve stability and performance
  Reduce fatigue